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Welcome to Hooper's Happy Home

Here you'll be able to sample some of the projects I've done and to look
at some photos of many types of building designs including many homes.
I also have pages dedicated to my family and friends as well as
other biblical conservative and spiritual interests,
please do feel free to visit my entire site.

Thanks for stopping by, please do not hesitate to call on me when you
need a design or if you have comments related to articles I've posted.
Drop me an email when you have time, I would love to know
who you are and what you think of my website.

PS: Check out my Diploma Page and see if you might like to display
one of the most valuable Diplomas in these hard times.

God bless you, as you continue to search for truth and freedom,
found only in and through Jesus the Christ.

Horace S. and Nelda B. Hooper

Yours for Truth and Freedom . . . . Horace

Horace S Hooper  - HSHoop111@sbcglobal.net
104 Old Hickory  -  Joshua, Texas 76058
(817) 293-2383  -  Cell (817) 456-5017
"A cheerful heart is good medicine"

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